Welcome to the

Family Psychological Support Service

We’re a specialist service supporting families involved with the Independent Maternity Review into cases of serious concern at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

We aim to be a flexible, responsive service that takes a collaborative approach to designing a journey through the service that works for you. We are a team of skilled, experienced psychological therapists, and have access to a range of support options alongside evidence based talking therapies.

We appreciate that taking the first step to access psychological support for your experiences may be a challenging one. We will work at your pace, and as these events have likely had an impact across your extended family, we can offer support to your whole family, including those under 18.

Please take a look at some of the information contained here and if you wish to discuss further please call us on 0115 200 1000 or send us an email to refer yourself at enquiries@fpssnottingham.co.uk.

Common Reactions

Losing someone you love is a catastrophic event and is devastating.

Looking after yourself may feel difficult and unimportant but can help you manage some aspects of grief and coping with life.

Service Journey

When you make contact our dedicated administration team will confirm your details and look to arrange an appointment with a wellbeing navigator as the first step on your journey.

  • Service Journey
    Wellbeing Navigator

    Plays a key role in supporting your journey through FPSS. 

  • Service Journey

    Intended to be an open and reflective space for you to work through feelings you may have about your experiences.

  • Service Journey
    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

    A therapeutic approach that looks at the links between thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

  • Service Journey

    A therapy designed to help process traumatic memories. 

  • Service Journey
    Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

    Focuses on helping preventing further episodes of low mood and worry.

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    Couples Therapy

    Supports you to reduce obstacles within a relationship that result in feeling alone, distressed or make you feel irritable or angry with one other.

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    Trauma Sensitive Yoga

    A specialised form of yoga that helps those who have experienced trauma or who have a diagnosis of PTSD.

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    Working with Children

    For children either on their own or with wider family members, to support them in their reactions to the experiences in your family.

  • Service Journey
    Young People

    Experiencing loss and grief within your family can be life changing, and it can create a ripple effect of emotions around you and your family.