Losing someone you love is a catastrophic event and is devastating.

The death of a child, no matter how long they have lived, is a particular kind of grief. You and your partner may grieve differently, and the loss is likely to impact the wider family and others in your life. There are likely to be many questions about why this has happened and you may have had to make which have felt impossible.

Looking after yourself may feel difficult and unimportant but can help you manage some aspects of grief and coping with life.

Grief commonly leads to symptoms such as sadness ad yearning, tearfulness, anxiety and worry, lack of appetite, difficulty sleeping. Fatigue, a heaviness in your body, unexplained aches and pains, feeling detached and withdrawing from others, questioning including the purpose of life and meaning of death, alcohol or substance misuse and suicidal thinking. If you feel this way please refer to the advice at the top of this page to seek help to keep yourself safe, as well as discussing this with your therapist.

Other Common Reactions to Bereavement

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